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How to properly care for your jewelry.

Gold filled & fashion jewelry:

How do I clean my jewelry?

Use warm water and a soft cloth. This will maintain the beauty and quality of your jewelry. *A polish cloth will be included with certain items. Keep in mind that over-polishing may be harmful.

What should I avoid?

Heavy detergents, household cleaners, salt water, chlorine (swimming pools) should be avoided. Please keep in mind that detergents and lotions can slowly erode the finish off of all types of jewelry, including fashion jewelry.

How long will my gold filled & sterling silver jewelry last?

Gold filled jewelry does not peel or chip easily. With proper care, your gold filled jewelry can last a lifetime. Sterling silver, also has a lifetime of durability. Please keep in mind that heavy wear and rough conditions will impact how your jewelry looks.

How should I store my jewelry?

Individually store your jewelry in a jewelry box, small plastic containers or bags. Mixing jewelry for long periods of time can sometimes cause erosion.