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Fresh ideas for spring

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I’m in the process of sprucing up my home. I’m always changing decor(and famous for waking up and having the urge to throw stuff away) but when spring comes around I feel the need to add some major color, freshness, etc. So I’m sharing with you the most important and effective ways I get ready for spring living. 

Add fresh greenery + flowers in your home 

This brightens up your home and mood instantly. You can never go wrong with fresh greenery and flowers in your home. No matter where in your home, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. It really makes all the difference. 

Incorporate bright + vibrant colors 

These are little things that make a big difference. The feel and look will be brighter. Statement pieces, accent rugs, throw pillows, etc. 

Mirror it up 

Mirrors are said to be the greatest light enhancing and room-enlarging accessory. When the sunlight hits the mirror it doubles the light in your home. How perfect for natural light and feels in your home!

Clean, rearrange + declutter 

My most important tip, deep clean! From top to bottom. Every surface. When everything is crystal clear it instantly makes an impact. When’s the last time you cleaned your windows? Also, when you finally have open/empty space, let it be. You don’t necessarily have to fill it. Leaving an open/empty space is visually peaceful in my opinion. 

6 reasons why you should incorporate greenery into your home

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I absolutely live for flowers, plants and greenery. You guys knew that though. I mean, who doesn’t? You can’t go wrong with greenery (real or fake) throughout your home. Perks of incorporating greenery into your home:

Brings the outside in

Plants of any sort will give you that fresh outdoors feel. Succulents are my favorite to place anywhere in the house.

Gives you a breath of fresh air 

Your home will instantly become more vibrant and boost your spirits.

Will complement your interior 

No matter what room, color furniture or type of furniture, there’s a plant/greenery that fits well with your vision. It may just be that finishing touch that you need.

Let the good vibes flow

Greenery helps you to relax and gives you a sense of calmness.

Good for your health 

Plants can purify the air and release oxygen. Studies show that they also reduce stress and sharpen your focus.

Overall beautiful to look at

You’ll have that “homey” feeling + and your guest will love it.