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5 ways to squeeze in some alone time while on family vacation

MOTHERHOODSamantha Gordon4 Comments

Ok so here’s the honest truth. I love my family more than anything in the world, but I also need my time to be alone. Lots of it. Alone time means exactly that, being alone. Things as simple as laying out by the pool, having an extra few minutes to groom/pamper yourself, extra time in the bathroom without any interruptions (little people), etc. It’s different from “mommy/me time” (which is also very important), but “mommy/me time” implies a certain type of relaxation or indulgence. This new space (spiritually and mentally) that I’m in, honoring my needs come first. I need to breathe, I need to think, I need time alone. It’s very important to incorporate alone time in your self care routine. 

Here’s 5 ways you can squeeze in some alone time while on family vacation:

Take a long, hot bubble bath/shower

10 extra minutes in the shower/bubble bath is EVERYTHING! 

Schedule an evening to treat yourself 

This is something to look forward to. Dinner, shop, pamper yourself, alone. 

Lounge/lay out by the pool

Take advantage of your little love napping or during their bed time. Get you the most refreshing, prettiest cocktail and lay out. 

Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing

Turn off all technology. Tune out the world, tune into self. 

Go for a walk/drive

This is a perfect way to clear your head and soak in some self-care practices. Practice mindfulness, physical fitness, breathing exercises, listen to music, etc.