Tips for keeping your littles cool this summer

Ahhh, summer! Warm sunny days, outdoor play, water fun, good vibes, great food cooked on the grill, and the list goes on. With all the summer fun, also comes rising temperatures. This mama of two’s first priority is to keep my littles and our home, cool throughout the summer.

8 simple ways to keep your little love cool this summer:

Stay hydrated 

Cool from the inside out. Keep cold/semi-frozen mini water bottles on hand. 

Frozen snacks

These are the perfect summer snacks. Freeze grapes, pineapple, mango, strawberries, etc. 

Water play + fun

My little loves absolutely love water play. It’s something so simple, but yet keeps them entertained for hours. Whether it be a water park trip or a blow up pool in your backyard, always keep in mind to time your outdoor activities. Stay in the shade as much as possible. 

Loose fitting + light colored clothing

My little loves being comfortable is always my first priority when buying clothes. During summertime, I make sure to purchase breathable clothing. Zara, GAP, Oshkosh and Carters never fail me. 

Know when to turn down 

You don’t want your little love overly exhausted or to encounter a heat stroke. Have activities to do in the house, to cool down. Like, arts and crafts, baking, etc. 

Keep your littles bedroom cool

During the day, keep the blinds and curtains closed. 

Cool the car down before traveling 

Your little loves are at a greater risk for heat stroke because their bodies heat up three to five times faster than an adult's does. 

Have sun + insect protection on deck

Bring out the sun glasses, hats, sunscreen, and even bug repellent (because we know insects can be ruthless).