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Hello Houston, Texas! We’re here! This mama is super excited for so many reasons. This is my second time visiting Houston since I was two years old. My great-grandfather is from Houston, TX. So it’ll be awesome to meet family that I’ve never met, and create new memories with my family and of course my little loves. So far my little loves hit a few new “firsts”. If you know me personally, you know I’m all for experience. My little loves have experienced their first plane ride, this is their very first vacation out of MD, and their first trip with all five generations—they’re the fifth. I plan to add something to their “firsts” lists everyday while we’re here. 

You guys know that I’m the most extra mommy when it comes to packing for play-dates, diaper bags, travel bags, etc. When traveling out of town(especially with toddlers)you want to be sure that you have everything but not to overpack. I like to pack/travel with least as possible. I’m about to share my vacation packing tips with you.

On the plane entertainment

Nasir and Mckenzie each have their own special backpack for flights. Their backpack consists of a coloring book (a pack of crayons to share), their tablets and headphones. 

Mommy’s carry-on bag

Magazines/a good read, journal, charger, headphones, a few pampers to get you through your flight, and your needed travel essentials of course. 

Packing clothes for your littles

An outfit for every day and a few play/comfy lounge wear fits. 

Keep a 3 pair shoe limit. Water shoes, comfy shoes, outfit shoes. 

Accessories (hats, hair accessories, sunglasses)


I kept a two suitcase minimum. One for Mckenzie and Nasir, and one for myself.


Buy pampers, sunscreen, toiletries etc. when you get to your destination (it saves room in your luggage).