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50 reasons why fathers are significant, special and necessary for your child’s development

RAISING LITTLESSamantha GordonComment

It’s Father’s Day! It’s important to recognize and reward fathers, for actively teaching important life skills to their little one. To all the fathers that read my blog, Happy Father’s Day! The love you give your child is like no other. Your involvement is important. You provide security, both emotional and physical. You nurture your child in many ways, like social, intellectual and spiritual. You are important and here’s why:

  1. An involved, affectionate and supportive father greatly impacts your child’s social development, cognitive and language skills. 

  2. Fathers influence outside relationships. 

  3. Fathers teach good self-esteem. 

  4. Fathers are their daughters first love. 

  5. You set the tone for how daughters are to be treated by a significant other.

  6. Fathers are their sons first role model. 

  7. You’re the first person to teach your son respect, loyalty and character. 

  8. Fathers get messy and will do the dirty work. 

  9. Father daughter dances. 

  10. Fathers focus on his child’s strengths and weaknesses, and then groom them for improvement. 

  11. Fathers are best at working the grill. 

  12. Fathers help their child to be more creative. 

  13. Fathers teach their child to be street smart. 

  14. A fathers involvement has positive-direct impact on their child’s future. 

  15. You’re the #1 protector!

  16. You’re a great support system. 

  17. You strengthen your family by being involved. 

  18. Your bond is vital. 

  19. You created your own legacy. 

  20. You instill great morals. 

  21. Fathers play a role that cannot be filled by others.

  22. Sports games will always be lit. 

  23. A fathers engagement in their child’s activities are linked to higher academic levels.

  24. Fathers play differently with their children, which is more physical contact. 

  25. Father-child play enhances the child’s coordination. 

  26. An involved father helps their child to be more rounded. 

  27. Children are more likely to become economically self-sufficient with an involved father. 

  28. Children benefit from seeing positive, loving men. 

  29. Children who have a close relationship with their father are more likely to anticipate having a stable marriage in the future. 

  30. Fathers help their child to be persistent. 

  31. Fathers help their child to be strong-minded. 

  32. Fathers teach their child to stand for what they believe in. 

  33. A fathers excitement is everything to your child. 

  34. A fathers encouragement is everything to your child. 

  35. A fathers support is everything to your child. 

  36. Your presence matters!

  37. Fathers give firm/strong discipline, which will help children to thrive. 

  38. Fathers teach independence. 

  39. Fathers build a stable foundation. 

  40. Fathers have strong hopes for their children. 

  41. Fathers provide spiritual leadership. This models faith in action. 

  42. A child with an involved father tend to have a higher IQ score.

  43. Fathers push their children to their full potential. 

  44. Children will always have someone to put toys together. 

  45. Children will always have their own personal trainer and coach. 

  46. Fathers are the greatest hype men. 

  47. Fathers are the greatest superhero partners. 

  48. Fathers are the greatest team players. 

  49. An actively involved father decreases the chances of self-harm, mental health, depression and suicide in their child. 

  50. A loving father adds to their child’s happiness.