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10 summer safety and health tips for children with sickle cell anemia


As you may remember, Mckenzie has sickle cell anemia. The past couple of days have been rough, but Gods healing hand and favor is nothing short of amazing. Caring for a child with sickle cell anemia, by far is one of my most hardest jobs as a mommy. This particular job has given me the opportunity to gain more understanding, strengthen my faith, patience, and gratitude. It has also given me the courage to be a sickle cell advocate to share knowledge on the topic. 

Safety and health tips for summer:

Stay hydrated

Rest and relax well

Eat balanced + healthy food

Stay cool in heat + the outdoors

Be cautious of sudden changes in temperatures, it could cause a crisis

Be physically active

Always wear a hat

Take daily vitamins + needed medication 

Stay up to date with routine doctors visits 

Keep a thermometer in your travel bag