How to be a more joyful mom

Happy mama, happy everything, right? Life is awesome  and I’m so very thankful! Like many mamas, I have my days too, where my energy is a bit off. I’m sharing with you how I shift my aura. Keep in mind that you set the tone and your little loves feed off your energy. 

My 7 tips for being a more joyful mommy 

Love on your little love 

Not only does this serve as a great bonding moment, but it boosts everyone’s joy and happiness. 

Smile + find humor 

It costs you zero dollars to smile. With your little ones around, I’m sure there are tons of silly/fun moments. Enjoy the little things. 

Stop yelling

What does yelling do? Make you more frustrated and agitated. Take a 5…or 10 to regroup. This also includes complaining. 

Surround yourself with positive energy 

Greenery/outdoors instantly give me the boost I need. Take a walk during the day to soak up the natural sunlight. Meet up with a friend to have good drinks and good laughs. 

Take care of your body in every way

When you take care of your body, you look good and you feel good. 

Shift your perspective 

Look at your situation through a different lens. Identify what’s positive in your situation. 

Clean your home + place of work 

A fresh home and workplace, ahh there’s nothing like it. The energy is different when things are organized and clean. Fun fact: clean homes and organized spaces are proven to improve your happiness, improve exercise and eating habits, and even reduce any stress.