Everyday love

During this mornings journaling, I reflected on yesterday’s festivities (I hope your Mother’s Day was nothing short of amazing) and thought about the bond my children and I share. The love is just unmatched. I believe our bond grows stronger each day because every moment I get to love on my children, I take it. As do they. The most important thing I can and will give to my little loves, is unconditional love. 

In my opinion, these are the five things you should absolutely be doing with your little love every single day. 

Pray with them 

Teach them to pray, talk and listen to God. Read child’s bible stories to them. 

Be present

Fully, be focused on them. Your attention and thoughts also. When together turn off the world and technology. Listen to your little love without interrupting them and outside interruptions. 

Show physical attention

My little loves are probably SO over me. I’m a very affectionate mommy. I give big hugs, kisses, I’m always smiling, etc. 

Use loving words

Words are powerful. Give them compliments/compliment on things they do well, tell them you love them, make sure you follow through on the promises you make, etc. 

Laugh with them 

Find humor in activities you do together. Be silly and create fun/silly games.