101 reasons why I adore being a mommy

Today while journaling, I got so emotional. Maybe because Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I’ve been dwelling(a lot) on how fast my little loves are growing up, idk. Even with all the lessons and trials that come with motherhood, I’d choose this life over and over again. I’m watching two little people blossom into greatness. “Mommy”, is and always will be my greatest title I have. The honor of being a mother, I can’t even begin to describe—It’s a feeling beyond anything, it’s pure bliss. I jotted down 100 reasons why I absolutely love being a mother to Mckenzie Rose and Nasir Vince. 

  1. I have live entertainment everyday 

  2. My little loves add joy to my life 

  3. I look forward to bath time everyday 

  4. I witness firsthand my little loves greatest milestones and accomplishments 

  5. I gained two best friends for life

  6. The love I receive from my children is unmatched 

  7. I love doing Mckenzie’s hair(even though she hates it)

  8. I live for our random pillow fights

  9. With my children in mind, I find the strength to keep going. 

  10. I live for Nasir’s laughs and giggles 

  11. I find peace in my children when going through trials, they give me reassurance that it’ll be ok. 

  12. I get to be a role model

  13. I get to be a teacher 

  14. I get to be a nurse and kiss all the boo-boos

  15. There’s never a dull moment 

  16. We get to continue to make memories, forever 

  17. I learn more about myself everyday, thanks to my children 

  18. I live for our arts and crafts projects 

  19. I live for our frozen yogurt dates

  20. I live for our grocery store runs..in our pjs 

  21. I live for our playground fun

  22. I live for our chalk drawings while eating popsicles 

  23. I smile nonstop 

  24. Kenzie and I have princess parties 

  25. Movie night is almost every night 

  26. I know what pure and true love is 

  27. I love styling my little loves 

  28. I love reading to my little loves 

  29. I love cuddling with my little loves

  30. I love their hugs and kisses

  31. I love massaging their cute little feet

  32. I love playing hide and seek, even though they don’t hide very well lol

  33. I love baking for and with my little loves

  34. I forever have my greatest supporters 

  35. I live for midnight snacks with Nasir 

  36. There’s a new adventure everyday 

  37. There’s a new accomplishment everyday 

  38. Our photo shoots are always fun

  39. Our road trips to New York are everything 

  40. Our mini vacations are always fun and well worth it

  41. I’m never lonely

  42. I appreciate designated mom/parent parking spots, makes my life easier 

  43. My heart is so full

  44. My little loves give me the courage to do anything 

  45. My children helped me to be a better person 

  46. My children encourage me, everyday 

  47. I can always count on my little loves for a pick-me-up

  48. My children taught me the art of multitasking 

  49. I’ll have two people that’ll care for me when I’m old

  50. I love mommy-daughter dates

  51. I love mommy-son dates

  52. I can’t get enough of Nasir’s little run(he’s flash in his mind for sure)

  53. Nothing brings me greater joy than doing absolutely nothing with my children. Just being in their presence is everything. 

  54. I get to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with my children everyday 

  55. I get to pray with my children everyday 

  56. I get to love on my children nonstop 

  57. My little loves are always down to have a good time 

  58. My little loves are always down to support my random honey bun addiction 

  59. My children bring out my silly side

  60. My children keep me grounded 

  61. My children have taught me patience 

  62. My children have taught me to be softer 

  63. My children help me to live in the moment 

  64. I love witnessing their individual personalities 

  65. I love taking and watching Mckenzie do gymnastics 

  66. I love pinching Nasir’s chubby cheeks 

  67. I love playing dress up 

  68. I love when Mckenzie cooks(in her toy kitchen) and makes me taste her food

  69. I have the privilege of teaching self-love to my little loves 

  70. I love watching Nasir play his instruments 

  71. I love comforting my little loves 

  72. My little loves make the best dance partners

  73. I love that I get to be the tooth fairy, Santa, etc. 

  74. I love our conversations, they’re very interesting 

  75. The love in my heart keeps growing 

  76. Our dance parties are lit

  77. Nasir is the best cleaning partner 

  78. I have built-in excuses to go to Sesame Place, Disneyland, carnivals, etc.(I have more fun than they do, sometimes)

  79. I’ll always have an excuse to get out of an event(I know you’ve done it too)

  80. I’m in awe about everything my little loves do

  81. My little loves make the best shopping partners 

  82. I love sharing excitement with my little loves 

  83. I love seeing my little loves being kind to other children 

  84. I love when Mckenzie randomly tells me “I love you, mommy”

  85. I love shopping for baby/toddler decor 

  86. I love shopping and trying out new baby/toddler products 

  87. Our bubble parties are lit

  88. I live for matching/color coordinated outfits 

  89. It makes me feel warm inside that I’m my children’s safe space 

  90. I love watching Mckenzie play in my jewelry and handbags 

  91. I’ll never oversleep..thanks Nas

  92. My little loves are always happy to see me

  93. I love watching my little loves sleep peacefully 

  94. My little loves help me to appreciate the little things in life 

  95. Motherhood has made me appreciate silence SO much more

  96. My little loves think I’m the coolest person, yes, yes I am!

  97. Our outside water play is always a good time

  98. My children helped me realize just how strong I am

  99. My little loves gave me a new purpose and meaning in life 

  100. I wake up to smiling faces everyday 

  101. I wake up to a “hi mommy” from Mckenzie, everyday