Survival tips for a sick mama

As if MOMIN wasn’t already hard enough, sick-parenting is the absolute worst. This is day three of me being completely out of it. You guys, I’m barely holding it together! There’s no such thing as a sick day when it comes to MOMIN. In fact, I feel like children sense that you’re sick and they need you/want to be up under you even the more. Am I right? I’m here to share my survival tips—sure to get you through. 

Rest + hydrate 

Any moment you get to rest, do that. For as long as you can. Also, even if you don’t have an appetite (like myself) try something small and stay hydrated if nothing else. 

Put tasks on hold

As long as my littles are alive and fed—nothing else really matters lol, I’m serious though. If possible, work, priorities, events, etc. Everything can wait until you feel like your normal self. 

Do the bare minimum 

Simplify everything! Bring out the paper plates, frozen foods, lunchables, squeezable’s, etc. Don’t even attempt to get the laundry done while you’re out of wack. Do just enough to keep everyone alive. 

Have entertainment lined up

Listen! When mama is sick, have at it. Books, tablets, and their favorite movies all day. My goal is to keep my littles as quiet as possible throughout the day. 

Love on yourself 

A little self-care goes a long way. Take warm showers + rub down in aromatherapy sleep body lotion.