Mommy hacks to get you through the day

Motherhood can get a little bumpy. These mommy hacks help things run a bit more smoothly.

Get your little loves involved 

I make cleaning fun(thank me later), so my little loves want to help. Turn on some music and give everyone a job. Put toys away, wipe the table, taking groceries out the bags, etc. 

Know your peak times for productivity 

I start my day as early as possible. This way I have some quiet mommy-time, journal, and get my most important tasks complete. Choose the hours when you are fully up and ready to tackle your to-do list. Mommy tip—take advantage of nap time!

Plan something the little ones can look forward to

Now that I’m a full time SAHM, I get to do everything I envisioned with my little loves. Wether it be a favorite activity, special treat, surprise outing, etc. 1-2 days out the week we go to our new favorite spot, Sweet Frog. We’re hooked!

Stay on schedule + simplify your day

Breakfast, activity time, snack, nap, etc. Each household is different. Do what works best for you and your family. Once you find a schedule that works, stick to it. Your little loves will know what to expect and the day will go smoothly. Eliminate any distractions that add stress to your day. 

Shop for the week + meal prep 

I’m getting better with this. A lot of people shop for the month. Shopping for the week works better for me, prepping for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although, sometimes I find myself at the grocery store multiple times during the week—and even multiple times a day. I know, blame Pinterest. I want to try everything I see.