Implementing a helping behavior in toddlers

Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is absolutely amazing, but I honestly feel like I’m cleaning all day, everyday. I mean, my little loves don’t mind a spoon on the kitchen floor, a shoe laying in the middle of the floor, crayons everywhere. Why should they care, right? But mama? Oh mama can’t take it lol. I’m the super neat freak mom that has a place for everything and  must have order, and structure throughout the day, whew! I’ve started something new, which is getting both of my little loves more involved with household chores. It’s still a bit hard, but I figured I need to get out of the “I’ll just do it myself” mindset. Especially because my little loves are one and two(going on eleven and twenty-two). This is not only teaching them great helping characteristics but household responsibilities as well. 

Here are some(toddler appropriate)ways you can get your little love involved + implement a helping behavior:

Put toys away

Help getting dressed + undressed

Sweep(Nasir’s favorite)

Loading and unloading the dishwasher 

Help set the table 

Help prepare meals + cleanup after 

Put groceries away 

Help with laundry 

Make the bed