Life lessons that my great-grandfather has taught me

I’m definitely a grandpa’s girl. He’s one of the most important people in my life. I could go on and on about my great-grandfather, but I’ll keep it short. He’s the most wisest, most loyal man ever. There’s never any grey area with him. He’s always honest and shoots it straight. He continuously teaches me valuable lessons that help me in life, in all aspects. 

Ready for me to drop these jewels? Ok!

Health is wealth 

Health is the source of our wellbeing. Take care of you, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Your perspective + mindset changes things

Your thoughts lead to actions and great vibes. Think positive, show gratitude, put good out. You’ll win every time. 

The only way out is through

Just keep going! Keep in mind that whatever you’re going through, that you were built for it. There’s always a light/blessing at the end of the tunnel. The hardships you may endure, only make you stronger and wiser. 

Work for what you want 

What kind of life do you want? It’s obtainable! You can create the life you want. Have faith and put some grind behind it. I guarantee that you’ll start seeing results. 

Your peace of mind+ happiness trumps everything 

You’ll go crazy trying to please everybody. Focus on what brings you pure happiness and peace of mind, always.