Super mom, super woman, super tired

For the mamas who “don’t get tired”, HOW? Give me the 411! I need to know how you don’t get tired. Mama is tired, ok. I’m very blessed nonetheless, but between maintaining the household, being a full time mommy and entrepreneur, participating in different events, being a guest on different tv/web segments...sheesh! I’ve been working on some great things (I’m not disclosing just yet) but you’re going to love, I promise. In the meantime, I’m sharing with you how to regroup when you feel overly exhausted and overwhelmed, mama. 

Schedule “mommy time”

Yes, schedule your downtime. Set an alarm, pin it on your calendar, do whatever you need to do, to remember. Lately, I’ve been on go(which is good, but balance is key). I’ve been so caught up in work, that I forget to just take a few moments to regroup and gather myself. 

Stop + breathe 

15 minuets of complete silence + being aware of your body will make all the difference in your day. 

Stay hydrated 

You’d be surprised at how out of wack you are, just because you’re dehydrated and don’t know it. Drink water, mama. 

Remain focused 

If you’re anything like me, you have about 20 tabs open in your brain. Prioritize! Focus on the now, and most important tasks for that day. 

Write down what you’re grateful for

You have so many things to be grateful/thankful for. Write them down to remember. It helps you to remember your “why’s”, what you’re working towards and who you do it for.