Role mommy

My little loves and I, have gone through some major changes in the past two years, and I refused to let that get in the way of being the best role model and mommy I could possibly be. Regardless of what us moms go through, our full-time job is to make sure our babies are healthy(emotionally, mentally, physically) and happy. 

As my little loves get older, I’m noticing that they imitate almost everything they see me doing or saying. They also pick up on my energy. With them in mind, they push me to improve within myself in every aspect of my life. Setting a great example is vital. It’s funny when I think about it, because they’re actually helping me to be more self-aware of my actions and thoughts.

Here’s what I implement to continue being a great role model for my little loves:

Let the positive vibes flow

I always have a positive + upbeat attitude around them..even when I’m not feeling it.

Having healthy relationships 

Family, friends and significant others..they all should be healthy and loving relationships. Anything that disrupts that, must go.

Manners+ Respect 

Being polite and courteous. Respecting myself and others.

Serving others

It’s a blessing to be a blessing. I believe when you do things out of the kindness of your heart, you’ll be blessed ten times over.


Controlling my temper, especially in front of my little loves. Find different ways to release your emotions.


We are on a schedule everyday. I let my little loves know what plans we have for the day, and we move accordingly. This way I’m teaching them the importance of setting goals, accomplishing goals and organization.

Healthy eating + living 

It’s gotten to the point where my little loves are reminding me and asking me for veggie + fruit/squeezable’s. It’s literally all they want most times. I admit they’re better than me with eating clean lol

Having a solid relationship with God

My little loves see me praying 24/7. The three of us pray together when we wake up, before dinner + bed. Proverbs 22:6.