Reminiscing on our first family road trip

This trip was special to me because it was the little ones first road trip ever! We walked the streets of Manhattan, checked out the local stores, took pictures, grabbed frosty’s and of course stopped at Giuseppes, the best pizza spot in NY.

NYC is one of my favorite places to visit for a quick getaway. I was a bit skeptical to drive from MD to NYC because as you may know, babies and toddlers get restless. They’re unpredictable at times and that long of a car ride with irritable children, is not what’s up. Surprisingly, my little ones did great. Mommy was so proud.

I’m the mom that has to be organized or I’ll go crazy and start to have anxiety. Here are some tips on traveling long distance with your little one.

Entertainment for your little one

Toys will keep them occupied. Non-electronic are best in my opinion because their less noisy. Books are always great! iPad—we have all McKenzie’s favorite shows and learning games on hers.

Coordinate your travel time with your little ones set schedule 

My little ones are on a schedule. We get up, eat breakfast, play, wash up for quiet time and a morning nap. Knowing this—we left early so that by their morning nap time, we’d be on the road and have a few hours of not stopping. It made traveling in the car easy.

Know when to take a rest stop

When you notice your little one is getting restless, take a rest stop. This prevents the outbursts of whining, crying and tantrums. Let them run around for a few minutes, you’ll notice all the difference when you hit the road again.

Have travel-sized essentials 

This includes bug spray. (Mckenzie just can’t catch a break smh) Benadryl ointment—perfect for clearing up bug bites, scrapes, etc. Other essentials such as; Tylenol, lotions, wipes, hand sanitizer.

Snacks are a must

Pack your little ones favorite snacks, water and juice. This will also help you to save money on your travels. The prices at rest stops are always sky-high.

Bring an extra of everything!

Clothes, changing products, essentials, snacks etc.

It’s safe to say I’m ready for our next trip..hmmm maybe even a plane ride next.