Refreshing your home for spring and summer!

Did you do your spring cleaning? Having two children under two, our home becomes overwhelming at times. I thought I’d share my top 6 tips for refreshing your home. 

1. Declutter

Get rid of all those clothes that don’t fit.

Clean out those drawers you just threw stuff in.

Get rid of old toys.

2. Organize, organize, organize!!

Find everything it’s own special place.

Find cute baskets/crates (I use them for literally everything. Toys, books, etc)

3. Rearrange 

Sometimes we don’t always have the funds, right? Rearranging what you already have can make all the difference.

4. Add color

Adding a pop of color helps change the look of your home.

My go-to color is gold. You can’t go wrong with a gold frame, vase or household essentials.

5. Flowers, flowers, flowers

Ok, so you guys know I love flowers. What’s more refreshing than a flower arrangement? Add one on your dining table, your bedroom dresser or even in your kitchen. You’ll love the feel it gives.

6. Let the shine in

Open those blinds and windows!

Fun fact: cleaning alleviates stress, and can also be considered as exercise. Get to it mama!