Mom hacks 101

Yes! Mama, I’m giving you the inside scoop to make your life easier. Let’s be real for a second, being a mom is the toughest job on earth, says me. I personally use every single mom hack that I’m about to share with you. 

  1. Create an illusion of a choice

  2. On pasta naked

  3. Pack + prepare the night before

  4. Turn cleaning into a game

  5. Stick to your nap schedule..also gives you quiet time

  6. Keep the diaper bag packed, always

  7. Never leave home without the snack pack

  8. Declutter + give away old toys

  9. Use leftovers to make a completely different meal

  10. Create a list of priorities for the day

  11. When you need to calm your little love, give them a bubble bath

  12. Keep baby wipes in the car

  13. When grocery shopping, let your little love push the mini cart

  14. Start dancing when your little love starts crying

  15. Get Gerber squeeze pouches to sneak in more veggies