Mckenzie’s Trolltastic adventure!

Girls trip to NYC! My little lady got to sing, dance and meet her favorite character today, Poppy! DreamWorks Trolls made Poppy’s best day ever celebration come to life..literally! If you’ve seen the movie, then you can imagine how much fun this was. 

Everything was interactive play. We started with the hair we go experience. Mckenzie got hair like Poppy—it didn’t last long lol. She also got a cool cupcake tattoo.

Then the best part (in mommy’s opinion) was Branch’s musical mash-up. We made music with furry critters.

After making music, we got on the party bus. There were sparkles everywhere. The party bus took us to Critter Creek and the main event. Mckenzie absolutely LOVED Critter Creek. She got to jump and dance all over the place. The interactive big screen games were her favorite. When she was ready to leave Critter Creek we went to a concert in 3D, featuring everyone from the trolls movie.

At the end of the best day ever experience, Mckenzie made a scrapbook under the Troll tree. So much fun! Oh yes! Of course Mckenzie made me stop at the gift shop. Thanks Poppy!

Here’s a peek inside today’s fun ft auntie and honey(grandma). Click the end pic, to scroll.