I can’t keep calm, I’m a MOM

I lose my sh*t whenever something happens to my babies. I don’t want any scrapes, scratches or bruises on them. I literally want to protect them from everything. Sadly, I can’t! Smh! I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to chill..like a lot. 

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Mckenzie got bit by a spider. She was at her great-great grandmothers when this happened. When she came home and I was notified, all I could see was red! I was mad at her great-grandmother, her great-great grandmother, the spider, the outside and even her—because she shouldn’t have gotten bit by that damn spider. Everything and everyone was to blame for her getting bit. My folks thought I was being dramatic. Yes, yes I was. After she was fed and bathed, I still couldn’t let it go. I went to Target and looked for ointment, don’t ask what kind because I don’t know. I just had to have something. Then that pissed me off because all the ointments and sprays were for 2+. Her father called and told me I was doing too much, especially because Mckenzie has been cool as a cucumber the whole time.

I then came to the conclusion I have to chill. I have to learn to take a moment and breathe when they get injured. I have to be prepared—know that things are going to happen. I’m working on myself y’all, I promise. But, I still have the right to be a little dramatic, because that’s what mommies do, right?