Get financially fit, mama

Have you started working on your financial goals for the new year? I made a commitment to start as soon as possible. The key is to form a habit of closely managing your finances. My suggestion is to write down your goals, be very specific when doing so, and create a game plan to reach your goals. You’ll win every time. 

These are the exact tips and tools I’m using to get financially fit coming into the new year.

Learn mindfulness + accountability 

Focus on your financial goals. Even the times when you feel off your game, learn to get back on track.

Track spending

Cut out wasteful costs + create a budget with your goals in mind. Use coupons! You can google and find a coupon for almost anything. Get that deal, girl! Yes, I’m the coupon mom.

Rebuild or start your emergency fund

It’s normally free to open an additional savings account with your bank of choice. Even if you only add a little here and there, you’ll see growth. My suggestion is to also open a personal savings for yourself, and a separate one for your little one.

Save for the upcoming holiday or celebration 

You will gain more flexibility. This is one of my favorite tips for sure, especially for the little ones birthdays, family outings, etc. You’ll be prepared for any added expenses.

Credit score maintenance 

Pay your bills on time + check your score frequently. Store credit cards can be tricky as well. Be mindful, always.

Start investing 

One of my New Years resolutions is to invest. Building my wealth is the goal!