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25 things you can do to make your kid smile

RAISING LITTLES, LEARN + PLAYSamantha Gordon1 Comment
  1. Give them a bubble bath + lots of bath toys

  2. Have breakfast for dinner(Mickey Mouse pancakes to be exact)

  3. Make ice cream sundaes

  4. Give them extra tv + screen time

  5. Have a dance party(create a playlist of their favorite songs)

  6. Have a tickle party

  7. Have a play-date

  8. Tell a funny story

  9. Tell a joke

  10. Blow bubbles (my little’s all time favorite)

  11. Play their favorite game

  12. Play in the rain or sprinkler

  13. Have a paint party

  14. Have a scavenger hunt

  15. Have a puppet show

  16. Make funny noises

  17. Make funny faces

  18. Play “peek-a-boo”

  19. Play “this little piggy”

  20. Blow up balloons

  21. Head to the playground—especially the swings and slides

  22. Make a special trip to get frozen yo

  23. Make a special trip to pick up a new toy

  24. Smile at them

  25. Tell them “I love you”