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Hey babe! It’s me, Samantha. I am so glad you’re here. I am a mompreneur, freelance writer, self-care advocate, and girl boss. I’ve accomplished great things thus far, but nothing tops mothering my beautiful children. I am a mother to two children. My daughter Mckenzie who is now two, and my son Nasir is one. Being a mom is always my first priority, but when I am not with my little loves, I am working on my blog, squeezing in some mommy self-care or I am running my business. I invest only in things that align with my purpose and what matters most.

I’m all about making mamas of the world feel absolutely amazing. I was inspired to become a mommy blogger from my real-life insight, which is the heart and soul of what is delivered through my blog. Each post that I write is focused on a specific aspect in my life as a woman, and the journey I’m on since becoming a mother. MOMIN is all about finding the beauty in motherhood and life. The message is to inspire mothers and offer a new approach to certain situations. Whether it be finding yourself in motherhood or trying something new. My lifestyle and family blog is simply for those who mom, all while maintaining her family, profession and hobbies. I’m sharing with you, how I’m surviving motherhood. Long story short, pretty cocktails, relaxation candles, snuggles and wet baby kisses from my little loves. I’m also sharing my favorite meals to prepare, kid friendly diy activities, beautifying my life + home, and everything in between.

I take great pride in raising awareness and sharing education about Sickle Cell Disease. This is something that is near and dear to my heart. My beautiful daughter, Mckenzie was diagnosed with sickle-cell disease just a few weeks after her birth. She is literally the strongest little princess I know. Sharing Mckenzie’s journey has bridged a gap between our community and education.

I pray that you will be inspired, find fun and relaxation while visiting my blog. xx